Ayurveda Facilities for Treatment and Production




The objective of Century College Ayurveda is to improve the quality of life of individuals by supplying healthy food and Drinks. While making sure that the Ayurveda Healthcare is being successful in the long run, by adopting total natural ingredient is for much better and healthy manner.


Century College of Ayurveda helps Improving The Clinical Care of An Ayurvedic Health Care Center by Developing Process Improvement Capabilities’s, our vision is to supply its clients with Drink and food, treatments and technologies that is healthy, high in quality and safe to consume. It wants to be ingenious and concurrently comprehend the requirements and necessities of its consumers. Our vision is to grow safely and offer products that would please the needs of industry and each consumer. Improving The Clinical Care Pathway of An Ayurvedic Health Care Center on Developing Process Improvement Capabilities visualizes to develop a trained labor force which would help the industry to grow and prosper.


Improving The Clinical Care Pathway of An Ayurvedic Health Care Center on Developing Process Improvement Capabilities’s by Century College of Ayurveda  mission is that as presently, it is the leading business in the food industry, it believes in ‘Great Food, Great Life”. Its mission is to provide its customers with a range of options that are healthy and finest in taste also. It is concentrated on supplying the very best food to its clients throughout the day and night.


Century College of  Ayurveda has a broad variety of products that it uses to her consumers. In 2011, Business was registered based on our research on the introduction of Serendib Diabi Tea (formally Serendib Antidiabetic tea) goes back to 2004. We are the world’s first producer and test product on black tea and 22 herbal spices first introduced in 2009, we are an organization founded in 1999 to provide patent on antidiabetic and claim Industrial Technology Institute of Sri Lanka certificate and the world’s Institutional recognition.

Goals and Objectives

  • Bearing in mind the vision and objective of the Century College of Ayurveda, the business has set its goals and objectives. These objectives and objectives are noted below.
    • Objective of Improving Century College of Ayuerveda is to waste minimum food during production. Most often, the food produced is wasted even before it reaches the clients.
    • Another thing that Business is dealing with is to improve its product packaging in such a way that it would help it to lower the above-mentioned complications and would also ensure the delivery of high quality of its products to its clients.
    • Meet global requirements of the environment.
    • Develop a relationship based on trust with its consumers, business partners, workers, and the government.

Critical Issues

Recently, Business is focusing more towards the technique of Health Care Practitioners and investing more of its earnings on the R&D innovation. The nation is investing more on acquisitions and mergers to support Health Care technique.

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