Best Ceylon Tea from Misty Hills


Ceylon Tea

The story of black tea in Sri Lanka began in the year of 1867. A Scotsman James Taylor cleared 19 acres of forest in the District of Hewaheta Lower to plant his first seedings in what is now known as the No.7 field of Loolecondera Estate.Taylor made his home in  Loolekondera and died 40 years later.


James Taylor’s legacy is best  summed up in the words of John Field, a former High Commissioner of  Great Britain in Sri Lanka. He wrote: “It can be said of very few  individuals that their labour have helped to shape the landscape of a  country. The beauty of the hill country as it now appears owes much to  inspiration of James Taylor, the man who introduced tea cultivation to  Sri Lanka.

Misty Hills of Sri Lanka

Misty Hills of Sri Lanka

Misty hills – a quality grown tea from the misty hills of Dimbulla. Grown tea at 5,000 ft and above, this High Grown Tea has a bright liquor and unique flavour . Misty Hills is specially blended to give you that very special flavour. Fresh and full bodied from Sri Lanka. Home to some of the world’s best teas and to the fine people who know them.

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