Tea Travels to Sri Lanka -A serendipitous Discovery.

When we talk about Tea of Sri Lanka, we naturally think of the hill country of the Island. The Hill Country’s indeed one wonderland of tea planters. The beautiful green fields sprawled in acres. The soft rustle the golden-green tea leaves make as the wild winds sweep across them. The leaves snuggled down in a veil of mist. The leaves getting cozy in the sunshine. The smell of the tea leaves that feels just so perfect, so nice. The beautiful emerald glimmer of the leaves when the golden morning light falls on them. The soft feel of the leaves brushing against you when you walk through the tea fields.


It’s just a 3km away from Kandy in the visinity of Tea Research institute and the show is beautiful. The ground and the second floors exhibit some old tea machinery with a past of over two centuries. The olden machines still stand proud as if reminiscing their hey-day. The first floor is a library. Books, CDs, periodicals, and old photographs of tea factories and estates. The library is so interesting. The third floor sells Ceylon tea. The fourth floor is a tea café. A café with a view at that! You order your favourite taste of Ceylon tea and you look out of the café windows. Sip your cuppa tea while sipping in the loveliness of the view. Walking challenge for feels perfect?

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Fancy walking in the place where the very first patch of tea was planted on the Island. Where James Taylor, the pioneer of Ceylon tea planted the first seedlings. It’s wonderful how a little experiment by Taylor has turned into something so big and successful, to the extent the name of the Island became a byword for tea. The locals sure do still love and respect Taylor. The first ever tea patch planted here is known as No 7 field. A rock seat used by Taylor,  known as Taylor’s seat affords the most beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. They say it was from this seat that Taylor planned and dreamed about the tea plantations in Sri Lanka. Then, there are the charming ruins of Taylor’s cottage. The tea estate is one of the cleanest and most beautifully kept. It’s crazily picture-perfect. And it’s incredible how it has everything, history, scenery, and fresh air.


Famous tea planter Sir Thomas Lipton sat here and surveyed his tea plantations. It’s indeed a gorgeous observation point. It’s a hike of about 7km through stunning tea plantations. Be sure to climb up there in the morning before the mists creep in. Around 11 am the clouds roll in obscuring the views. If you get there before the dawn you can catch a magical sunrise too. From the top, you can see some mountains and lakes in the Central, Uva, Sabaragamuwa, and Eastern provinces. Also, don’t forget to visit the Dambatenna tea factory on the way down. It’s a lovely Victorian tea factory with a quaint charming character to it. Brush up on your knowledge of Ceylon tea making process during the Sri Lanka tea plantation tour and finish it off with a cup of fresh tea.


The Labukelle estate offers tea tours with a view. A factory built in the 1800s the tea factory still has old-timey machinery. The processing takes place during day and night, so there won’t be a lot of hustle and bustle during the day. The views from the estate are gorgeous. And a stroll through the emerald tea fields as the leaves susurrate around you is really magical. Have a dose of storytelling on the history of the Sri Lanka tea plantation, enjoy a session of tea tasting, and then wind down with a cup of light tea. On your way down the factory meander through the flourishing golden-green tea fields and breathe in some fresh air and pretty views. Your dreams will be sweeter in the night after the stroll, guaranteed.


As a finish off to Tea Tours Sri Lanka, you can make a visit to the Tea Auction in Colombo. It’s held only twice a week on Tuesday and Wednesday, so make sure you are there on the correct day the week. The professional aspect of it is really great if you are enthusiastic about studying about Ceylon tea. The first ever tea auction took place in the 1880s and those old traditions and practices are still in place. Around 700 tea factories and 450 buyers partake in the business.


Now if you are a real crazy lover of tea you might want to stay somewhere with a teaish character to it. Somewhere teaish at the heart. Somewhere whose soul is pinned with bits of tea-love. The Heritance Tea Factory – The name says it all. This beautiful converted tea factory is still fragrant with the tea memories of the old times. A cup of hot spice tea bids you welcome. The tea-styled bedrooms that used to be withering lofts, the kitchen that used to be the engine room, and the restaurant that was the tea grading area… The hotel feels like a miniature tea castle. Clad in sarees or sarongs (traditional local attire) and with a basket hanging on your shoulders, you set off to the tea fields to pluck your own tea. And then, you return with your pick and have it processed in the mini tea factory of the hotel. So that when you go back you can take your own tea home (in addition to the memories of course!)  Feel like you’re in love with the place?

Tea tours Sri Lanka are dream-like for a few reasons. Sri Lanka tea plantations are beautiful, the surroundings are picturesque. And the hike up to the tea estate is breathtaking. The walk could include pretty winding roads that unveil something magical at every turn. The air is fresher in the tea fields. The breeze is scented with the smell of the tea leaves which makes you feel like it’s the spring. The winding down of any Sri Lanka tea plantation tour is always perfect with a cup of aromatic Ceylon tea. If you’ve ever wondered where your tasty cup of tea comes from or how it’s made this delightfully, go on tea tours Sri Lanka and find your answers.


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