Our Vision

To offer Best Quality Ceylon herbal Tea at value for money to the largest customer base throughout the world.


Cater to main demands of health related issues with best Ceylon herbal tea.

Operating Strategy

Positioning strategy :          Product focus

Strategic Choices     :           Quality and Process

Design decisions      :           Adaptation of new technology

Educate and help the consumers  to select, buy and taste varieties of best quality Ceylon tea.

Satisfying customer requirements in social responsible manner.

 Our Corporate Values

Seredib Tea Exporters operates in accordance  with the highest standards in all relationships with customers, suppliers,  environment and the community.

Seredib Antidiabetic Tea Exporters fosters a climate which encourages innovation   and diligence amongst staff and rewards accordingly.

Serendib Tea, unblended Pure Ceylon Black  Tea from Hellbodde Estate, Pussellawa stands at  an elevation of 3,900 feet and in the picturesque Gampola-Nuwara Eliya  region. Tea Auctions held in London on 29th June 1998 tea from this    particular estate was sold a kilogram of Flowery Pekoe (FP) grade of tea for 555 British pounds sterling (approx.Rs 60,794.70 Ceylon Rupees,  $800.00 U.S. approx.).

Of all Sri Lanka’s sparkling treasures “Ceylon Tea” is more vibrant and authenticated, Ceylon tea means hospitality and friendliness impress even the most jaded tea drinkers. Now with the introduction of Serendib Tea by Serendib Holding with every geographical variety like Nuwaraeliya, Dimbula,Lindula, Kotagala, Kandy, and special flavoured Kandy and Ratnapura varieties it should comes as no surprise that our greatest feature is nothing new “Serendib Anti Diabetic and Serendib Shape Up tea”.They still a standard of our great service to customers with best quality Ceylon Tea that guaranteed to raise a friendly smile with satisfaction.
Villa Serendib
(Serendib Tea House)
28/42, Summer Garden
Keells Housing
Sri Lanka.
++94 757763389
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