Serendib Pound of Tea Making couple with Ceylon Fresh Mango Juice


1. Don’t brew your Serendib Pound of tea and walk away

Tea becomes bitter if you brew it too long and while herbal teas are more resistant as they don’t have as many tannins as black, white and green, longer brewing will alter the flavour. Make sure that you take those tea leaves out once you have the flavour infused and then you can walk away and let it cool. Most teas have a recommended brewing time so follow the instructions. As a general rule I leave herbal teas for at least 5 minutes and other teas for 2-3 minutes. Some herbal teas make take longer, just taste a small amount before you ditch the tea leaves.

2. Allow your Serendib Pound of tea time to cool off
If you are making a spicy blend, make your tea in advance and let it cool off. If you forgot and you just cannot wait, make your tea more concentrated and add ice cubes. The ice cubes will help quickly cool the tea down and balance the concentrated tea
3. Pack your juicer right

There is an easy way to quickly juice those needed fruits and herbs, that is by having Serendib Herbal tea with Fresh Juice bottle just for Rs. 500.  Send a whatsapp massage to 0718077147 we will deliver.
4. Freeze your fruits

If your fruit is looking as though it is taking its final breathes then put it out of its misery and take a knife to it. Chop it into smaller pieces and freeze in zip lock bags. You can then blend them into your teas for a brain freeze experience. I leave berries as they are, chop bananas in half and stone fruits into palm size pieces or their natural size, which ever is the smallest.
5. Blend Your Greens First

For Serendib Green and other recipes that use leafy foliage, blend them into your liquid base first. This will help blitz them to tiny drinkable pieces rather than ‘you have a green chunk between your two front teeth” size. Once they are totally blitzed {I like to drink, not chew} you can add your fruits and keep blitzing.
6. Natural Sweet Tooth

If you have a sweet tooth add natural sweeteners to our recipes. A lot contain fruit which have natural sugars already, adding artificial ones kind of defeat the purpose. For that little extra sweet kick blend in some coconut sugar or organic honey or a date. I have more natural sweetener ideas here.

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