Best Quality Ceylon Tea from Serendib Tea

DSC_4458Serendib is derived from ancient term Sihala Dwipa (සිහල ද්විප) by Sinhalese. However, Arabian traders who couldn’t pronounce that word they change it into Serendib. We Serendib Holdings, the manufacturer and exporter of Best Quality Serendib Herbal Tea a proven herbal supplement protecting our ancestors heritage for 2600 years. We produce only with  quality single origin black tea from highlands to guarantee, Exquisite flavour, Fresh and full bodied from Sri Lanka. And it is included 22 natural herbs like best Ceylon Cinnamon, quality Ceylon Cardomam, and best Sandlewood, Syzygium cumini, phyllanthus emblica,craecum, and Coscinium fenestratum etc to guarantee pure quality. This make Serendib Tea much differ from all other conventional brands such as Dilmah, Zesta, imperial, Heladiv, Mlesna, Teatang, Lipton or even Fadna.




Some Testimonials from our valued customers

Ven. Kithulhitiyawe Dammaratana Thero,

“I live in 20Km away from Dambulla in a very rural area. One of my disciples offered me Serendib Diabi tea for the first. It worked really well. No difficulty at all like some with some other medication. Even very healthier comparing with some single aided varieties in the super markets for short use.”

Mrs. R.Wortmann East London, “I used medications for  for quite a some time. But I feel really relaxed and happy since inception of Serendib Herbal tea . I thank Serendib tea manufacturers for sending many varieties of tea for me all the way from Sri Lanka.”

Mr. F.A. Sameer Colombo 03, “Even though I didn’t believe alternative means for diabetes, Serendib Diabi tea proved that I was wrong! Serendib tea is the best option I found to reduce blood sugar without side effects.”

For direct orders please call us on our hotline ++94718077147 or contact us on or to make  FriMi payment to deliver within 24 hours. (conditions apply).

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