Serendib Superfood Tea Capsules

As patented owners of Anti Diabetic Tea in Sri Lanka We are very exited to launch Serendib Superfood Tea Capsules, our powerful new organic food supplement to address nutritional deficiency specially diabetes. The newly introduced Serendib Superfood Tea Capsules play a vital role in addressing diabetes by minimizing short comings of synthetic drugs.



Ideal food supplement for Diabetes Patients

This product is great for people who need a boost in their nutrition. As an example, carrots only have 25% of the vitamin A that you can get in the same amount of Moringa Oleifera. Moringa is well over 90 nutrients and 46 types of antioxidents.  It also has four times as much calcium as you get from milk, three times the amount of potassium as you get from bananas. Traditionally these are the foods where you think you get the MOST bang for your buck, but instead, this supplement crushed the numbers in every category. Moringa is a true nutritional powerhouse that is packed with 25 bio-available vitamins and minerals, 47 active antioxidants, 36 anti-inflammatories, 30% vegetable protein and all eight (8) essential amino acids. 

  1.  Moringa is rich in fiber and it is said that it works as a mop in your intestines and cleanses any excess waste left over from a greasy diet.
  2. It contains powerful antibiotic and highly efficient in eliminating a bacterium known to cause gastritis, ulcers and gastric cancer.
  3. The seed of this tree is even found to purify the water, and it does even better than most of the conventional synthetic materials that are being used nowadays.
  4. The leaves of Moringa are abundant in vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids and much more ingredients. In 100 grams of dry moringa leaves there is:

– 9 times more protein than in yogurt

– 10 times more vitamin A than in carrots

– 15 times more potassium than in bananas

– 17 times more calcium than in milk

– 12 times more vitamin C than in oranges

– 25 times more iron than in spinach

  1. The chlorogenic acid present on the leaves is known to slow down the absorption process of sugar in the cells.
  2. Moringa have anti-tumor and anti-cancer effects, which is a result of the presence of a compound called niaziminin.
  3. Helps in the regulation of the thyroid function, especially when it comes to hyper-active thyroid.


Therefore, Moringa is a highly beneficial plant medicine that deserves a place in everyone’s home pharmacy.

In one serving of Moringa Oleifera leaves, you can find:

22% daily value of Vitamin C
41% daily value of Potassium
61% daily value of Magnesium
71% daily value of Iron
125% daily value of Calcium
272% daily value of Vitamin A

92 Nutrients, 46 Antioxidants, 36 Anti-Inflammatories, 18 Amino Acids, 9 Essential Amino Acids

Moringa Oleifera Tea is a complete health product that will not only provide you with the vitamins you need, but also improve your overall health as well.

Here are more Moringa Oleifera benefits:

  • Boosts energy levels and increases vitality, focus, clarity, and stamina
  • Improved digestion
  • Packed with an abundance of all natural anti-aging nutrients and minerals
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Helps to maintain healthier blood sugar and blood pressure levels within a normal range
  • Assists in reaching and maintaining an appropriate body weight
  • Improves mobility and flexibility and aids with joint pain
  • Recover faster train harder while increasing overall well-being
  • Improved immune system function

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Value of Serendib Golden Slim Tea


Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) included in Cambogia Garcinia or ගොරක (Goraka) used in kitchen, now scientists around the world  have been studying the effects of HCA . As in their findings, Garcinia Cambogia HCA extract Sprenger in two attacks have been reported as a Weight Loss Aid, said:

Blocking fat
HCA chemical composition or enzyme in your body. Garcinia Cambogia  or Goraka is well included in Serendib Golden Slim tea contains as fat can prevent component – one to thank  Without Garcinia Cambogia, carbohydrate is not possible to immediately burned or else carbohydrates burning process can be stimulated. That has been found to reduce the production of cholesterol harmful to health to stop the process of fat HCA Studiesas well as the store as fat.okspecialSuppression of appetiteHCA is also to suppress the appetite, studies has demonstrated significant ability to increase your body’s levels of serotonin. In Layman Terms of serotonin, you feel better, your body and increasing the serotonin, HCA can be developed and at times emotional stress suppresses food. Neurotransmitter in your brain by that incident.
Hydroxycitric අම්ලය (HCA) හඳුන්වා දීම ලොව පුරා විද්යාඥයන් දැනට Garcinia Cambogia එනම් අපි මුළුතැන්ගෙයි භාවිතා කරන ගොරකවල ඇති HCA බලපෑම් අධ්යයනය කර ඇත. ඔවුන්ගේ සොයා ගැනීම් වල හැටියට, Garcinia Cambogia දී HCA සාරය ක්රාම දෙකකට ප්රහබල ලෙස සිරුරේ බර අඞු කිරීමට ආධාර වන බව වාර්තා කර ඇත:


මේදය ඇහිරීම හෝ වැළැක්වීම

HCA රසායනික සංයුතිය ඔබේ ශරීරයේ ප්රනධාන එන්සයිමයයි. Garcinia Cambogia එනම් ගොරක වල ඇති සයිටේ්රට් අඩංගු සෙරෙන්ඩිබ් සලීම් තේවලට මන ලෙස මේදය වැළැක්විය හැක – එක් කිරීමට ස්තූතියි,. Garcinia Cambogia නොමැතිව, කාබෝහයිඩ්රේට වහාම පුළුස්සා දැමීමට හැකි නොවන බවත් කාබෝහයිඩ්රේට (සීනි) මේද ලෙස ගබඩා කරන් බවත් අධ්යයනවලදී දී HCA මේදය අවශෝසන ක්රියාවලිය නතර කර සෞඛ්යයට අහිතකර කොලෙස්ටරෝල් නිෂ්පාදනය අඩු කරන බව සොයා ගෙන තිබේ.

ආහාර රුචිය මැඬපැවැත්වීමේ

HCA ද ආහාර රුචිය මර්දනය කිරීමට ප්රධාන වන, ඔබේ ශරීරයේ serotonin මට්ටම් වැඩි කිරීමට කැපී පෙනෙන හැකියාව පෙන්නුම් කර ඇත. Layman කොන්දේසි දී serotonin ඔබට හොඳ හැඟීමක්, සහ ඔබේ සිරුරේ serotonin ප්රමාණය වැඩි වන විට, HCA දියුණු විය හැකි සහ පීඩනය කාලවල දී මානසිකව ආහාර ගැනීම මර්දනය කරයි. ඔබේ මොළය තුළ neurotransmitter මගින් එය සිදු කරයි.