Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is world renowned from ancient time since the country was mentioned in historical literature by the name of Lankadeepa,Ceylan,Taprobane,Ceylon and finally Sri Lanka. We help you to plan the best tailor made Sri Lanka holidays, we are experts in promoting holiday packages in Sri Lanka . Let us do the planning of your tour and accommodation, we work together and make the best itinerary for you. We have a large fleet of comfortable vehicles and we offer best hotels in the island. We can create you the perfect itinerary for your tour and find the best hotels meeting your interests and dreams. We are a truly local organization and all the transactions and reservations are done through our head office in Colombo. We offer a wide choice, not only of locations, but of quality and price. Since all the transactions are done through our permanent Colombo office, you can make sure that you get the best for your money. You can choose one of our packages or you can have a tailor made package, we are flexible and ready to negotiate. We have true local touch; we know the island, our local staff with more than 10 years experience in the tourism industry help to plan one of the most memorable vacations in the island.

The weather pattern of the island enables the visitors to explore half of the beaches around the country at any given time of the year. The climate of the island is ideal for travelers who look for warm, sunny holidays. The average temperature of the country is measured to be around 30 C˚ while the water temperature around 27 C˚. Island is surrounded by stretches of clean, sandy beaches and followed by crystal clear water ideal for sea bathing. There are large numbers of beautiful bays and coves; natural harbors with historical importance, lagoons which harboring valuable mangrove forests, Coral reefs, ship wrecks….

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