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To facilitate local SME tourism we have created new wellness platform for Sri Lankan entrepreneurs. Any traveler interested in wellness tourism can experience novel product to rejuvenate their mind and body.

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Spacious 3 bedrooms and another terrace cottage and sauna bath facility. Open deck, and we’ll equipped kitchen, with high ceiling, lots of natural light, and well kept garden.

Sauna Bath

For thousands of years, The Greeks and Romans used steam for faster healing and health stimulation. Raising the body’s temperature can help sweat out toxins and stimulate the immune system.

In Sri Lanka thermal therapy goes back to more than 2000 years, if you visit Abhayagiri Ancient University complex of Anuradhapura Sacred city you find sauna facilities used by resident monks at that time.

With herebal medicine or aroma therapy, Steam saunas are also great for beauty purposes, stress reduction, relieve muscle aches, improve muscle flexibility, relieve arthritis pain, improve skin and body tone, hydrate dry skin, increase circulation and metabolism, relieve stress, reduce inflammation and congestion, relieve spasmodic breathing, croup and asthma, stimulate the loosening and discharge of mucous and etc.

We are Serendib Holdings from Sri Lanka previously known as Ceylon the island nation in Southern tip of India. Being Electronic Commerce and Virtual Value Creation arm, we offer products and services of Ceylon Tea, Ceylon Spices and  other unique Sri Lankan products to world wide audience.


Please contact us for any question or requirement of having Villa Serendib or engaging our digital marketing campaign of supplementary products we offer under various brands or information with regard to your business that would like us to receive. Or just want us to call you to know we are real persons and share your story (please text us your Viber, Skype or whatsup details to contact).Please fill in your questions or requirements in this form and hit send. We’ll be back with you real need soon.
Serendib Weekend Market
Villa Serendib
42/28 U, Summer Garden
Sri Lanka.
++94 757763389

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