Serendib Gold serves ozone friendly world

Serendib Gold serves ozone friendly world

Specially blended authenticated pure Ceylon #Tea with #cinnamon and #greentea.

This special blend captured, fine taste with quality, exquisite flavor, and full bodied from Sri Lanka.

By choosing 100% Pure #Ceylon Tea you will not only enjoying a refreshing cup of tea produced from tender tea leaves grown in the world famous Uva high grown tea region but also serve ozone friendly world.

Serendib Slim Tea

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Potency: A standardized extract from the leaf consisting of 40% catechins and 60% polyphenols.

Caffeine: 16 mg of naturally occurring caffeine.

Quality: Serendib is a quality, natural herbs tea company. Our supplements are sold at health food stores. The capsules do not contain any sugar, salt, starch, yeast, wheat, gluten, soy, milk, egg, shellfish or preservatives.

Other ingredients: Gelatin (capsule) and Magnesium Stearate (vegetable source).

Good points: Lots of catechins and polyphenols, and low in caffeine.

Bad points: Polyphenols are basically catechins, so it’s difficult to differentiate the meaning of 40% catechins and 60% polyphenols. The nutrition label doesn’t list EGCG, so we don’t know exactly how much it contains.


Diabi Tea Capsule for Sugar detox

Now serendib diabi tea melts in stomach, not in your mouth. Your solution needs to be simple and easy to work. That’s why we make Serendib tea sugar detox capsules. Have it today for relief. please inbox us. We have redefined the payment options us8 promo1

Challenge Diabetes


Challenge diabetes by having Diabi tea and win an adventure holiday absolute free. This is golden opportunity for people who are suffering from diabetes, control your blood sugar effective manner by having correct amount of prescribed drugs plus, Serendib Diabi Tea and win Active holiday free of charge.

Serendib Diabi tea helps you to reduce prescribed drugs to a healthy level by protecting your internal organs and your personal health at large. Serendib Diabi tea is manufactured with natural Sri Lankan and Indian herbs.

Claim your free stay in Sri Lanka with adventure travel very cost effective manner. Admire ancient cities in the country at style talk to us today.

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Serendib Golden Diabi Tea


What is Serendib Diabi tea

This is prominent, legal natural herbal diabi tea produced in Sri Lanka. Its exquisite taste, quality, and Pure Ceylon tea consists of a full health guarantee use fresh Highland estate with the origin of black tea. Based on our research on the introduction of Serendib Diabi Tea (formally Serendib Antidiabetic tea) goes back to 2004. Serendib Tea is the world’s first producer to test product on black tea and 22 herbal spices introduced in 2009. we are an family business founded in 1999 to secure patent on antidiabetic tea and claim Industrial Technology Institute of Sri Lanka certificate and the world’s Institutional recognition. Adhering to our commitment to produce best quality product with quality raw materials is our guarantee. Therefore, Serendib Diabi Tea needs to be taken with regular exercises to assist in reduction of sugar (continuous sugar monitoring is needed). Taken twice a day (morning and evening after meal)without sugar but may be with natural fruits small quantity. Serendib Diabi Tea nourishes your insides with right herbal and best quality tea, to detox your body support by having ample of water. Serendib Tea range is made from:Ceylon Cinnamon, Terminalia chebula, Emblica Officinalis, Terminalia Bellirica, Syzygium cumini, Cardamom, and Sandalwood Read more

Serendib Diabi Tea and its effect on you

Serendib Diabi helps you to reduce your health bill by 50% and,

It helps to control blood sugar level

It helps to reduce polydipsia (thirst)

It helps to reduce polyuria (frequent urination)

It helps to reduce joint paint

It reduces fatigue and dizziness

It prevents pruritus

How to Buy it

We normally accept Paypal only. If you want to pay through Money brockers please let us know that in advance. Shipping Item will be dispatched within one day after a cleared payment.We will deliver the items Worldwide through SRI LANKA REGISTERED
Serendib Golden Slim Tea

Each tea spoon of golden slim tea is included the following weight loss agents Garcinia Cambogia – natural active in gradient HCA will boost fat burning and cut back appetite for the food, the heath effect of tea have been examined ever since the first infusion of camellia since 4700 years ago in China. Have this tea with half a teaspoon of bee honey for immediate effect.


Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) included in Cambogia Garcinia or ගොරක (Goraka) used in traditional Sri Lankan kitchen, now scientists around the world  have been studying the effects of HCA . As in their findings, Garcinia Cambogia HCA extract Sprenger in two attacks have been reported as a Weight Loss Aid, said: Blocking fat HCA chemical composition or enzyme in your body. Garcinia Cambogia  or Goraka is well included in Serendib Golden Slim tea contains as fat prevent component – one to thank  Without Garcinia Cambogia, carbohydrate is not possible to immediately burned or else carbohydrates burning process can be stimulated. That has been found to reduce the production of cholesterol harmful to health to stop the process of fat HCA Studies as well as the store as fat Suppression of appetite HCA is also to suppress the appetite, studies has demonstrated significant ability to increase your body’s levels of serotonin. In Layman Terms of serotonin, you feel better, your body and increasing the serotonin, HCA can be developed and at times emotional stress suppresses food. Neurotransmitter in your brain by that incident.

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