The True Story:

In July 07th of 2013, I was diagnosed as diabetic since my fasting blood glucose level was 132 mg/dl not only that my LDL level was 132.8 and HDL ratio was 5.8

pre1  pre2

Then a very kind lady doctor prescribed me with Dianil 5mg (half a dablet) and with Statin. I had that medication for just 2 days since I felt very strange to the normal life. I started of using “Serendib Diabit Tea” 1/2 teaspoon per day with 30 minutes long walk.

Few months later I had a very formal test. Here comes result.

formal13-1  formal13-2

formal13-3  formal13-4

After another 1 1/2 years here is the result.

formal15-5 formal15-4

formal15-3  formal15-2
I firmly believe in Natural Herbs will be the solution for most of the ailments we are suffering from to mitigate the side effects of prescribed synthetic drugs. However synthetic drugs can do magic in short term but that may damage your internal organs while putting more pressure on your body’s equilibrium. I simply don’t want to give up my Serendib Diabi Tea since that protect my life from diabetes very effective manner.

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