We are Serendib Holdings from Sri Lanka previously known as Ceylon the island nation in Southern tip of India. Being Electronic Commerce and Virtual Value Creation arm, we offer products and services of Ceylon Tea, Ceylon Spices and  other unique Sri Lankan products to world wide audience.


Serendib Golden Tea

Quality, Freshness, Authenticity and Best Taste the wholemark of Serendib Golden Tea


Serendib Diabi Tea

Only 100% Natural Herbal tea originating from Sri Lanka.


Serendib Slim Tea

Serendib Golden Slim Tea is unique blend of Ceylon black tea and Green Tea processed in an ancient Chinese method, with natural slimming agent Garcenia.


Please contact us for any question or requirement of engaging our digital marketing campaign of supplementary products we offer under various brands or information with regard to your business that would like us to receive. Or just want us to call you to know we are real persons and share your story (please text us your Viber, Skype or whatsup details to contact).Please fill in your questions or requirements in this form and hit send. We’ll be back with you real need soon.

Serendib Tea Exports
162, Viveca
Sri Lanka.
++94 757763389


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