Effect of Black Tea

Effect of Black Tea. Experience the Isle of Serendipity in Serendib way Since it signed and ratified the Montreal Protocol in 1989, Sri Lanka has been active on several fronts to phase out various industrial and agricultural chemicals that damage the ozone layer – a natural occurring atmospheric phenomenon that protects all life from the Sun’s ultravioletContinue reading “Effect of Black Tea”

Ceylon Tea is Ozone Friendly

Ceylon Tea is Ozone Friendly At a special ceremony at Jana Kala Kendraya (Folk Art Centre) in Battaramulla, Colombo, Sri Lanka a global plaque  been presented to the Speaker of Parliament and Minister of Environment by Marco Gonzalez, Executive Secretary of UNEP’s Ozone Secretariat. This is one of six events worldwide to mark the 25th anniversaryContinue reading “Ceylon Tea is Ozone Friendly”

serendib Golden diabi tea

The taste and uplift the effect by right combination of 22 Ayurvedic herbals like Ceylon Cinnamon, Terminalia chebula, Emblica Officinalis, Terminalia Bellirica, Syzygium cumini,  Cardamom, and Sandalwood with pure Ceylon black tea. Now the taste is almost like a natural cup of tea and effectiveness has increased due to natural ingredients and it is directly absorbedContinue reading “serendib Golden diabi tea”

Pure Ceylon Tea with Spicy Herbs

Serendib Spicy Tea (related patent number 14768) mixed with Sri Lankas (pearl of Indian Ocean) most prominent spices Ceylon Cardamom and Ceylon Cinnamon with pure Ceylon Tea. Pure Ceylon Tea with Cinnamon  is a smooth, fragrant straightline black tea blend made of Sri Lanka’s homegrown cinnamon with a combination of spicy cardamom from midland unique taste of exquisite pure Ceylon Tea. When you taste this tea, you are alsoContinue reading “Pure Ceylon Tea with Spicy Herbs”