Serendib Gold serves ozone friendly world

Serendib Gold serves ozone friendly world Specially blended authenticated pure Ceylon #Tea with #cinnamon and #greentea. This special blend captured, fine taste with quality, exquisite flavor, and full bodied from Sri Lanka. By choosing 100% Pure #Ceylon Tea you will not only enjoying a refreshing cup of tea produced from tender tea leaves grown inContinue reading “Serendib Gold serves ozone friendly world”

Serendib Slim Tea

Buy one and get another one absolute FREE. Pay Online Potency: A standardized extract from the leaf consisting of 40% catechins and 60% polyphenols. Caffeine: 16 mg of naturally occurring caffeine. Quality: Serendib is a quality, natural herbs tea company. Our supplements are sold at health food stores. The capsules do not contain any sugar, salt, starch, yeast, wheat, gluten, soy, milk,Continue reading “Serendib Slim Tea”

Diabi Tea Capsule for Sugar detox

Now serendib diabi tea melts in stomach, not in your mouth. Your solution needs to be simple and easy to work. That’s why we make Serendib tea sugar detox capsules. Have it today for relief. please inbox us. We have redefined the payment options  

Serendib Golden Diabi Tea

What is Serendib Diabi tea This is prominent, legal natural herbal diabi tea produced in Sri Lanka. Its exquisite taste, quality, and Pure Ceylon tea consists of a full health guarantee use fresh Highland estate with the origin of black tea. Based on our research on the introduction of Serendib Diabi Tea (formally Serendib AntidiabeticContinue reading “Serendib Golden Diabi Tea”

Win a trip of lifetime to explore Stockholm the Green Capital of the World or to Sri Lanka.

Win a trip of lifetime to explore Stockholm the Green Capital of the world or to Sri Lanka A Land Like no other. Every month 2 lucky customers are selected from our online customers and offer 50% off package tour. Hurry make your Serendib tea selection today. Can also be arranged guided tours at your comfort.Continue reading “Win a trip of lifetime to explore Stockholm the Green Capital of the World or to Sri Lanka.”