Ayurveda Wisdom and Serendib Golden Diabi Tea


Is diabetes really a decease?

According ancient Ayurveda wisdom it is not so. Ayurveda is a ancient Indian Life Scince dates back to 5000 years and Sri Lanka it is about 2500 years old traditional health practice. The word Ayurveda derived from two words “Ayus” which means life and “Veda” means knowledge. http://tinyurl.com/hht8akg “Hitahitam sukham dukhamayustasya hitahitam, Manam ch tachch yatroktamayurveda sa uchyata” According to Dr. Anil Meta et al., (1999) in this shloka (rhym) as in Charaka Samhitha, Ayurveda is the knowledge of life that gives indication for a wholesome life. The object of Ayurveda is to assist nature and not to disturb the natural process of living or healing. All the therapeutic measures used for cures support the natural process.

Diabetes is a condition which created by wrong life style and bad food habits. this is a result of imbalance of bodily forces or Dhosas according to Ayurveda which are called Waa, Pith and Sem. So that once you create the harmony within the body of these forces you come to normal. All the therapeutic measures used for cures support the natural process. Therefore, all supplementary health products are based these fundamentals of Ayurveda.

Srendib Golden Diabi Tea

It is the only legal natural herbal diabi tea, produced in Sri Lanka. Its exquisite taste, quality, and Pure Ceylon tea consists of a full health guarantee, use fresh Highland estate since the origin of black tea. Our research on the introduction of Serendib Diabi Tea (formally Serendib Antidiabetic tea) goes back to 2004. We are the world’s first produce and test product on black tea and 22 herbal spices first introduced in 2009, we are an organization founded in 1999 to provide patent on antidiabetic and claim Industrial Technology Institute of Sri Lanka certificate and the world’s Institutional recognition. Please only buy authenticated products to become healthy, wealthy and wise. Medicinal Value of Serendib Antidiabetic Tea This herbal black tea will prevent thirst (polydipsia), frequent urination (polyuria), dehydration, joint pain when walking (claudication), fatigue, dizziness and itching (pruritus). No side effects of any nature as all ingredients are natural. Result is guaranteed.

Serendib Golden Slim Tea

Serendib Golden Slim Tea is unique blend of Ceylon black tea and Green Tea processed in an ancient Chinese method, with natural slimming agent Garcenia (proven by modern day scientific research). In addition, top quality Ceylon spices including world renowned Ceylon Cinnamon is added to enhance the effectiveness of this unique blend. The high Quality, Freshness and Authenticity is the wholemark of Serendib Golden slim Tea. Taken twice daily (morning and evening after meal). Serendib slim Tea nourishes your insides with our value herbs and natural way to detox and rejuvenate your body.

We have re-branded all our products to save our valuable customers from  patent violations and to counter fight fake products in the market. We inform all our valuable customers only to buy our products only directly from us. If you come a cross any other Serendib product from any other organisation or individual please don’t buy them, since they are fake. Please help us to counter fight intellectual property violations in a more positive manner by informing us +94-718077147.


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Our intention is to manage non communicable diseases without any side effect by having herbal supplement tea. If anyone needed any assistance on this regard please contact us. Serendib Tea, the Pure Ceylon Herbal Tea Exporters to the World.

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